We are a community of art lovers, nature, gastronomy and healthy agriculture. Interested in generating projects, publications, workshops, living spaces and exchanges with people who share some of these  interests.


Artist passionate about body poetry and urban intervention. Chef and social communicator Sabana University, Colombia. He has worked since 1987 in the performative dimension of life, in events such as the Week of Sound (2013 ), Third Meeting ( Sub) Target (2013 ), among others.


Visual artist at the National University of Colombia , was recognized by Best Thesis with the performance " Sensitive Body. Intervene-drive a specific space" and as a result received a scholarship during the first half of the Interdisciplinary Master of Theatre and Live Arts at the same university . She has participated participated in various meetings and performance festivals Sweden, Portugal, Argentina , Spain , Mexico , Brazil, Equator and Colombia mainly with specific actions and interventions in public spaces.


Plastic artist with emphasis audiovisual National University of Colombia. She has exhibited since 2003 in places like the Museum of Contemporary Art MAC, Cero Gallery, Art Museum of the National University, among others. Interested in video photography and building knowledge from sharing knowledge. Art has several expressions, and the community that is built in it is the most valuable.